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Episode 10: The Kinks, 1964-1971

February 15th, 2020

Episode 10: The Kinks Kreated more Koncept albums per Kapita over the Kourse of their Kareer than any other band in history. Thankfully, we aren't dealing with most of those. Instead, this episode finds Dave, Eric, and Sarah chatting strictly about the Kinks' Sixties and turn-of-the-Seventies music, including the albums spanning from 1967's Something Else by the Kinks to 1971's Muswell Hillbillies, with a few of their earlier singles thrown in for good measure. Let's get Kink-y!

Dave Gershman
Eric Greene
Sarah Wassell


The Kinks on Amazon:

The Best of the Kinks, 1964-71:

Something Else by the Kinks, 1967:

The Village Green Preservation Society, 1968:

Arthur (or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire), 1969:

Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One, 1970:

Muswell Hillbillies, 1971:

Other Songs Referenced:

Green Day, "Warning":

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