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Episode 9: Talking Heads, 1977-1985

February 1st, 2020

Episode 9: In which Dave, Eric, and newcomer Sarah discuss the music of the fantastic Talking Heads, from their 1977 debut, Talking Heads: 77, up through their 1985 album, Little Creatures. And if you like the addition of Sarah to the mix, you're in luck: she's sticking around for more episodes to come!

Dave Gershman
Eric Greene
Sarah Wassell  (so now does the "Wassellgreenes" reference on the Reselect logo make sense?)


Talking Heads on Amazon:

Talking Heads: 77, 1977:

More Songs About Buildings and Food, 1978:

Fear of Music, 1979:

Remain in Light, 1980:

Speaking in Tongues, 1983:

Little Creatures, 1985:

Other Songs Referenced:

The Modern Lovers, "Roadrunner":

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