The RESELECT Podcast

Join us as we explore and discuss great music of all eras from various perspectives and music backgrounds!

Reselect Music Podcast, Episode 1: An Introduction

November 9th, 2019

Welcome to the Reselect music podcast! If you love music like we do, I hope you'll follow Reselect and listen in on our discussions of artists, albums, songs, lyrics . . . and even album design from time to time. We're all music lovers and appreciate it in our own way, and it's the different depths of experience that we've each had as music fans that we hope will bring interesting insights into all of our discussions.

The Reselect podcast is a spinoff of the Reselect music blog ( that I've been writing since 2011, where each post focuses on a song that I consider great music. We'll be linking up with those when its relevant, but this podcast is really its own thing.

Thanks for listening!

-- Dave Gershman

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